Established in Toronto in 2009, Velvet Rope Events & Co. stands as an exclusively chic boutique event and wedding planning company. Our fundamental goal is to curate flawless affairs by seamlessly blending the elements of culture, art, design, and love into the realm of wedding and event planning.  This distinctive approach empowers us to tailor events according to the unique preferences of each client, ensuring unparalleled experience for not only our clients but also their families and guests. Drawing upon a rich 15-year legacy as Toronto Wedding Planners, our seasoned team infuses each celebration with a depth of trust, expertise and a wealth of invaluable experience.

As a Toronto-based company, embraces the city’s urban diversity, often referred to as “Hollywood-north,” to deliver exceptional services for all occasions. We take pride in honoring the distinctiveness of each event while staying attuned to the latest trends and styles in the industry.

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